• Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player
  • Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player

Wholesale 58 inch LCD Screen Ads signage Android Floor Standing LCD Advertising Player

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  • Stand-alone version
  • Online version
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Our products are divided into stand-alone version, online version, android version,

Wind7/8 four style,prices are for the stand-alone version , online version,if you need the android version, Wind7/8 version please contact us.

If you need sea freight, the freight is much cheaper than DHL, but the time of arrival is slow, the specific freight, please consult us.

Stand-alone advertising machine features:

Once the power on, it will loop playback automatically, support timingbootregularlyshutdown function, and set the number of automatic switch on and off time, unmanned management mode.

Support the timer on / off, and set the number of automatic time on and off, unmanned management mode.

Support split screen display, multi window video and picture display, which can realize the different window to play different contents.

We support a variety of language, logo and calendar function.

Support in English and Chinese rolling subtitles, multiple subtitles display mode (which can adjust the font color, background color, and the rolling direction of horizontal or vertical related attributes.

Support 1080P Full HD display.

The full function remote control ,can set the playback volume adjustment, remote shutdown.

We support the media type: SD card, CF card, U disk(optional), support OTG function , U and SD card can be copied to broadcast, broadcast content update.

Support breakpoint memory function: when the external power outages or accidental shutdown, after the restart the player can memory and play the program before the blackout.

Support the function of generating log file: administrators can view ads broadcast program recording of advertising player at any time, the log file is generated in the SD card (U disk), you can see it just need simply copy the computer.

If you order in bulk, we can screen exclusive LOGO, reflecting the influence of your brand.

Support video format: MP4, AVI, DIVA, XVID, VOB, DAT, MPG, RM, RMVB, MKB, MOV, HDMOV, M4V, PMP, AVC, FLV.

Support music format: MP3/WMA/OGG/AAC/AC/DTS/FLAC/APE.

Support picture formats: JPEG, BMP, GIP, PNG.

Android network version of the advertising player features

The centralized control and management

The system uses the B/S architecture, no need to install the client port, you can open the IE browser and login to control the backstage on any computer, to operate any management for all terminals.

The hardware is stable

It adopts the structure of embedded operating system Android 4.2, no copyright disputes, good heat dissipation and low power consumption, full load does not exceed 5W, not the blue screen of death. The hardware is designed with industrial fan, no noise, stable hardware.

The arbitrary split screen

When making the program ,you can arbitrarily stretch drop video playback area and size, flash, PPT, marquee subtitle font and font size, word color, background color, support subtitle left , right ,upper and lower rolling; the system comes with a digital calendar clock module, forecast module, program template library, support customer's own design and make template; provides thumbnail function, WYSIWYG

The system compatibility scalability

Support almost all video formats (RM, RMVB, avi, MPEG, mpg, DAT, MOV, ASF, MTV, MKV, WMV, 3gp, AMV, DMV, DivX etc.) audio frequency (MP3, wma, WAV etc.) picture (jpg, GIF, PNG, etc.); word/excel documents, PDF documents, RSS real time news, flash animation, dynamic web page.

Support office document play

The system supports PPT, WORD, EXCEL file playback.

Support web page play

Support the system play web page, and can play the page with the rolling form to achieve a large page full display.

Streaming media live

Support real-time streaming media live, network-based video broadcasting, local DVD live video, video conferencing and other streaming media form live

Remote control terminal

    Through the management software, remote boot or shutdown, restart

Remote real-time monitoring

    Support remote real-time monitoring of the terminal network connection status, monitoringthe dynamic playback screen which is playing, so user-friendly management, no need to display port to see the effect after operation .

Offline instructions

    Regardless of whether the terminal is online,it can send any instructions to the terminal, the terminal will be automatically executed after online.

User management rights

    Support for each user can set different permissions, and can be assigned to the user management terminal, so that the terminal has administrative authority.

Intelligent cleaning

The system supports intelligent cleaning function, when the memory will be full, the system will automatically clean up the oldest file, don't need human to clear, but also through the software background to manually clear the storage content.

Advantages of network advertising player:

With the speed of information transmission and the popularity of the network, stand-alone version advertising player has been difficult to meet the needs of the rapid dissemination of information. If stand-alone advertising player need replace the advertising film it must replace the advertising player's CF card or DVD disc, u disk, not only caused a lot of manpower to waste and difficult to quickly multimedia information on time, accurate delivery to the desired specific audience.

The use of network advertising player, the user can achieve centralized control, scheduled management and the transmission of multimedia content through the Ethernet. Network of multimedia advertising player is due to leading technology advantages in the hotel, supermarkets, buildings and other high-income areas of advertising on the market favored.

Advertising player applications:

1. Banks and other financial institutions (business within the advertising promotion, service promotion)

2. The government organs and units (public information release, government affairs, posters publicity)

3.The shopping center (new products listed, advertising, promotional activities)

4. Fashion shops, stores, chain stores (new products recommended)

5, The company reception room or conference room (company, product display)

6.The exhibition site, exhibition hall design company (poster publicity, event venue layout)

7. Car 4S shop (car show)

8. Furniture and art franchise stores (Products)

9. Cinema (movie preview and film flower appreciation)

10. Real estate sales hall, chain real estate intermediary window (Huxing and landscape effect display)

11, Office and apartment lobby (advertising)

58 inch

LCD panel


40 inch

46 inch

50 inch

55 inch






display scale





bright degree















Display area





response time





theory of life

50,000 hours

50,000 hours

50,000 hours

50,000 hours

Viewing Angle

85°/85°(the left and right sides),85°/75°( up and down )


Surface material

Toughened glass

Toughened glass

Toughened glass

Toughened glass

The body craft

Aluminum alloy fashion with advertising slot frame design

bottom case

Silver or black, metal bottom case , toughened glass bottom case


floor stand

floor stand

floor stand

floor stand

The body color

Black, silver, gold is optional


Working temperature





Working humidity

20%-80%(No condensation)

Storage temperature





Storage humidity

10%90%(No condensation)

power supply

Working power supply

AC100240V ,50HZ/60HZ

Built-in speaker



machine size





Vertical touch screen advertising player package configuration list
PackageConfigurationThe main boardRunning memoryHard disk
Official standardAndroideight-core A8732G8G memory
Set 1Windows1037 U onboard a dual-core 1.8 GHz2G64G Solid state storage
Set 2WindowsIntl Corecooli32G64G Solid state storage
Set 3WindowsIntl Corecooli54G128G Solid state storage
Set 4WindowsIntl Corecooli74G128G Solid state storage

The difference between stand-alone and web edition
Pakeagestand-alone editionweb edition
Device interfaceUSB/SD,HDMI(optional)SD/USB,wired LAN,WIFI,3G/4G(optional)
Storage featuresDo not need to insert U disk and other external storage, performance is more stable, such as with HDMI interface without a key split function.
The device comes with 8G storage, can play the contents of the computer through the cable, WiFi, 3G / 4G (optional), the way will be transmitted to the advertising player terminal, can also be automatically imported through the U disk when the stand-alone play running memory 1G, 2G optional, Dual-core, quad-core, eight-core optional
Functional advantageVertical screen source can be rotated through the remote control, without prior computer software through the rotation, convenient,with a key split screen functionFunction is very powerful, in addition to display video, pictures, text, but also support the weather display page, streaming media, OFFICE, etc. can be a key split screen, a key switch stand-alone version of the unified management of advertising player terminal, optional mobile phone information release System, can be customized to develop a variety of APP software
Support formatPicture format: JPG / PNG / BMP (color mode RGB) Video format: AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, etc., frame rate below 25-30FPS, video stream maximum support 20M / S
Device interfaceSplit screen software / playlist software
Multimedia information distribution system / a key split screen function

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